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Inspired live experiences that awaken a vision and dream for parents, students and teachers.

We serve school communities across the country because every student has a story that every parent and teacher needs to hear.

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We help people
find Hope and Motivation

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Motivational Speaker & Founder

Michael Chiasson

Michael has spoken at over 500 events around the world to over 100,000 students, parents and teachers. He was the recipient of the Shepard Leadership Award in 2016, and has spoken at Teacher conferences, schools, grade retreats, parent conferences and corporate events.

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Powerful sessions to engage your audience

Real talks directed to an ever changing world

Our content and talks are built to help people better navigate relationships, personal challenges and life's questions in a world that is ever connected and moving at the speed of light.

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What we believe

EVERY Student matters!

We help students see the significance of who they are, and how their decisions, actions and relationships will impact everything they do.


The alarm clock is going off and it is time to wake up and do something!


Let's be intentional about what we do and how we do it.


Let's share insights and stories that inspire HOPE, we are in this together.

What people are saying about our events

Event testimonies from Students, Parents & Teachers

I came to the retreat today with my head down, but I left with it up and with hope. Listening to your speech and your life made me feel like you knew what I was going through. It made me feel like there was still hope and good things to look forward to in my life. It made me never want to do drugs again.


I just wanted to thank you for how much you changed me. I really took for granted how much my family loves me and you opened up my eyes that. Thank you for making me feel like I really do have a purpose in life, and that is to be myself.


Thank you for reminding me to take a breath, look around me, and say THANK YOU. To take the time and SEE my students for who they are. Thank you for reminding me how hard my life was in Grade 11 and I can’t keep assuming all these kids have it together. And thank you for showing me how to be there for them when they need it.

AnonymousGrade 11 Teacher

I had no idea what to expect. As a parent I need help and everything that was talked about helped me more than you will ever know.

Anonymous2016 Parent Conference attendee

Your stories and humor that you incorporated into your talks were wonderful. It helped me relate. I pledge to you and the entire world, that I will try my best to be myself. I will no longer be afraid of judgment.


Thank you for everything. The afternoon was so inspiring thanks to you. You made us laugh and some of us got emotional. Thank you so much!


I'm so glad I was able to see your presentation. At first I didn't think I would like it, but as soon as you started talking I had so much fun. All the things you said were so funny. I am definitely going to encourage my parents to come. They would enjoy it.


Thank you so much for this presentation. I really enjoyed your enthusiasm and personality. You helped me with something.
I have been having suicidal thoughts recently and you helped me build self-esteem and made me feel like I have a purpose. KEEP doing what you are doing... and Thank you.

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