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Why I Do What I Do 1:05

I wanted to take some time to share with you my reason for doing what I do. This is my drive. The reason I get out of bed every morning.

If they love you… Listen up! 2:48

Mentors matter, they help us grow. Who has been a mentor in your life? Who has shaped you? If we listen, we might just be surprised what we can achieve.


We all have fears. Sometimes fear can be the one thing that holds us back from becoming what we were made to be.

PEOPLE!!! Go have some FUN 0:59

Its important to take some time to just laugh, and do something you love.

Sometimes… we just need to show up 1:36

Ever had a friend who really, truly listens to what you have to say? We all need a friend like that. Today’s challenge is to show up for some

Relationships…! Gotta love ’em 1:35

Are you in a relationship now? Want to be in one? Looking for one? Then this one is for you.


When we pay attention, and have the ears to listen, we grow. Lets make sure we all grow!

Who deserves it the least? 0:38

We all have that person, or people who can be difficult. Today’s challenge is to love them most.

Take a minute, to say thanks 1:22

Who is that special person in your life that drives you to become the best you can be? They are worth it. I challenge you to take some time and thank them for what they have given to you.

Our Convictions Matter 1:25

What convicts you? What makes you light-up. Our convictions matter tremendously. They give us our reason.

There is no such thing as EASY 1:53

There is no easy. It takes drive and commitment.

What are you good at? 1:33

Do what you were made to do! We all have gifts and talents. What are yours? Use them and bring it to the table!

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You Got What it Takes 1:45

Watch Michael live from a school event in Red Deer, AB. The clip showcases a sample of what to expect from an Access52 Event.

Start a Conversation! 2:22

Watch a clip of TV show ‘ Massive Exchange’ featuring Michael Chiasson. Shows air every Sunday on Yes TV.

Riding a Bike 6:02

Watch Michael live from a school event in Red Deer, AB. This clip showcases one of many stories Michael shares when speaking to students. And highlights how his style of engagement can hold the attention of audiences so effectively.

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