Our Story

Access52 started with a mission to reach at-Risk and disengaged youth.

Inspiring students to engage in their reality has developed into helping school communities, families and relationships discover a greater purpose. Through years of experience Access52 has created unique, dynamic, high energy and visually attractive events to inspire youth to discover their place and conviction.

Know This First

We are missionaries of hope!

Access52 aims to motivate, challenge and inspire people to live out their purpose.

Our Brand

What’s in the name?


Access 52 weeks a year, every second of everyday.
Access to the most incredible gift on the planet.
Access to purpose, hope, and mission.

Our goal is to create an opportunity for reflection, motivation, communication and action through our events. We guide people through a process that allows them to reflect on their relationships, decisions and how they can make a difference. Every event closes with a clear call to action: to make an 'ALL IN’ decision! - that means to make the most of the gifts and opportunities everyday.

2009 - An 'All IN' Mission

We launched 'All Access' in the winter of 2009. Supported by a team of people who saw the value in making a difference in the lives of students, we courageously took an ALL IN step to make it happen.
Our vision has always been to help people discover their place and conviction. We started with a belief that if we could help people see the value and significance of who they are, we would see a positive change in our communities. Our hope is to give a platform for people to share their story, and be inspired by others who have sincerely shared theirs.

2013 - Acess52 Launch

In 2013 we made a decision to remove any obstacles that stood in the way of reaching more students. This was the start of a re-brand - Access52. Why access 52? because 52 weeks a year we have access to the hope and direction we need to help us make the greatest contribution to our world. We are created for this and our response to this purpose demands our attention. Our mission became more focused and the responsibility just as great!

2016 - Hello Parents

In 2016 we discovered that our influence had the potential to go beyond our student events. We saw a need to help navigate conversations between the students and their greatest influence their parents.
Students had something to say, and we wanted to help them say it. It didn’t matter how hard or uncomfortable this might be, we knew that it needed to be shared. Access52 is now designing and committed to creating events/resources to help parents see these stories and give suggestions and ideas of how to respond.
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