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‘Things I wish my parents knew…’

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What are things you wish your parents knew?

Anything you write here is totally voluntary, so please only include details you’re comfortable to share. And while this is entirely anonymous, we ask that you consider including your age, grade, and gender — as this helps us in our research. Please note that although not all submissions appear on our site, we promise that every story is heard. If you would like to hear back from us, please leave your email. Thank you for sharing!

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‘Things I wish my parents knew…’

Giving students a platform

We have created a platform for students to share their thoughts, struggles and wisdom. This has allowed us to help parents, teachers and influencers gain a better understanding of the challenges students face everyday.

2,000 + Letters received

Top 7 things Teens wish their parents knew

By collecting all of the student letters, we have developed the ‘Top 7 things I wish my parents knew’. This has allowed us to create content around the most pressing challenges and thoughts students have shared with us. Our goal is to help parents and students better connect!

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