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Your greatest contribution is not so much what you do,
as who you raise...

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Why This Matters

Parents you are the most important piece in a teens story as he/she begins to mature into an adult. And we know the work is great, we also know it can be very challenging. Our goal is not to tell you what to do, but rather share insights, and provide you tools to help you on your journey.

We started special parent evenings built around sharing the content we have received from students who completed a simple statement ‘ Things I wish my Parents knew…’. And we have provided some tools below to help you continue to build a better relationship with your teen.

Events/Tools to help you better connect
with you teen!

Parent Nights

Do not miss this evening to learn more about the challenges teens face today and how you can help! Our program is developed around sharing the ‘Top 7 things teens wish their parents knew’.

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Letters From Teens…

Read hand-written letters from teens sharing things they wish their parents knew. These are raw and unedited letters for you to better understand what teens want to share.

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I Love You

As the greatest influence in your kids life, our challenge to you is to choose to believe the best in them. Draw this greatness out in them. Though it may seem impossible for a breakthrough, your love and faithfulness will be the light that will shine through.

Start by encouraging and complimenting your kids at least once a day – it may be the only positive comment they hear that day.

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Conversation vs Confrontation

What we have learned through the letters with students is that they want to have conversations with you. The problem is that these conversations have a way of escalating into confrontations. And what ends up suffering the most is your relationship with your kids. So how do we navigate through this?

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