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Connecting Students, Parents and Teachers

Our Motto

Every Student Matters

We stand in the gap to help people find hope and motivation.




- Almost 50% of high-school students self diagnose moderate to serious levels of psychological distress.



- 2nd leading cause of death for teens in Canada & the U.S.
- 6700 youth age 10-24 die prematurely each year in Canada and the U.S.
- Teen/Youth suicide rates have tripled since 1970.


- 70% of mental health problems have their onset during childhood or adolescence.
- 3.2 million 12-19 year-old are at risk of developing depression.


- Mental disorders in youth are ranked as the 2nd highest hospital care costs.


- Depressed teens are more likely to have trouble in school/work, struggle with relationships, and have higher rates of pregnancy/sexually transmitted diseases.


- 49% of those who have suffered from depression or anxiety have never seen a doctor about the problem.
- Teens who reported strong spirituality were more likely to be in complete mental health.

We are driven to

Lower the rate of

Depression | Drop-outs | Addiction

Building stronger School Communities

We stand in the gap between students and parents, between students and teachers. Our mission is to close that gap and provide school communities the tools and message to help prioritize these relationships. It is through healthy school communities our students will identify and reach their potential.


We help students see the significance of who they are, and how their decisions, actions and relationships will impact everything they do.


We help parents understand what their teens want them to know and sharing insights on how to better connect.


We help teachers better connect with their team, students and parent community.


We work with schools to motivate, challenge and inspire the whole community.

Every Student Matters


Access52 events are filled with stories, music and media to engage school communities and lead them to their All IN moment. We facilitate communication, introspection, realization and motivation - to help students see the significance of who they are, and how their decisions, actions and relationships will impact everything they do. Our student events can range from 45 minute single sessions to full day events.

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At the end of the session the Students will have an opportunity to fill out (anonymously) a form that says: “Things I wish my Parents knew...” This information is compiled with responses from other school events across the country. The data is then categorized into buckets from which the top seven key areas are populated quarterly. These will be available for your staff and parent community as a resource for communication.

Student Letters

Our mission is to reach youth struggling to find hope or inspiration.

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We regularly speak to Junior High and High Schools across North America.

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